Prime water.

Prime water.

The uniqueness of Filette

Welcome to the world of Filette, the mineral water that lets you experience a new pleasure: understanding the difference between drinking and tasting. Filette will satisfy your senses and body due to its perfect balance of mineral salts. Bottled at its source for over 120 years, since 1894 Filette proves its exclusivity being present in the most prestigious hotels, restaurants, wine bars and other distinctive locations around the world.


At the source of pleasure

Filette, one of the purest water in the world, crystal clear springs at its source in Guarcino, 900 meters above sea level between the green and uncontaminated Apennine Mountains of the Region of Latium. The total absence of arsenic and a presence of harmful nitrates close to 0 (0.2 mg/l) together with a very low level of sodium and a perfectly balanced amount of total dissolved solids make Filette perfect for a healthy lifestyle and i deal for daily use. It is available in three different kinds: “Naturalmente naturale” (Naturally Still), “Delicatamente frizzante” (Gently Sparkling) and “Decisamente frizzante” (Very Sparkling), a great companion to the best wines and most exquisite dishes


Water like Wine

“Water like Wine” is the project of Filette aiming to give to water, the most precious good for humanity and the whole planet, the same value and dignity the market devotes to wine and champagne. Bottled Mineral water is following the same evolutionary path as wine. Water sommeliers are increasingly common figures in restaurants and there are courses teaching how to start this new profession. You can taste water, discover its taste, savour its lightness and appreciate its organoleptic composition.


Bordeaux bottle, Filette's way

A list of waters, next to the one for wines, is becoming ever more common among the best restaurants in Italy and all over the world. Filette is a multisensory pleasure. Well equilibrated in the synthesis of its micro-elements and delicate to palate, Filette is a perfect match while enjoying great wines and champagne, boosting their essence and persistence. The “Water like Wine” project finds its tangible expression in the essential design of the packaging with its elegant shapes: a classic Bordeaux extra-white superior quality bottle, wrapped in a pearly label with the iconic “F” embossed on silverlaminated foil.


Spirit collection, british spirit

Filette Spirit, a bottle that gives back value to time. Balanced in the synthesis of microelements, fine in taste, Filette presents itself as one of the purest waters in the world. Ideal to prepare the palate and subsequently accompany fine spirits, it gives back a multisensory pleasure. It has been demonstrated that the right amount of pure water is ideal for spirits tasting, as it allows the release of water-repellent molecules in the glass, the more aromatic ones, which contain the most intense flavors of the distillate. The perfect bottle to accompany intense moments of meditation or conviviality was born, those moments in which we sublimate the value of time. A bottle that was born following the aesthetics of the most exclusive English gin bottles and is dedicated to all those places where the perfectly balanced flavor of Filette can accompany a glass of fine wine, a fine distillate, a good cocktail or, simply, a an amiable conversation. An unusual format, both in design and in volume, whose uniqueness is able to satisfy even the most refined tastes.


Drink consciously,

The aluminium Solution

According to studies, at least 310 million tonnes of plastic have been produced to date, 8 million tonnes of which end up directly in the oceans. Every year. A serious problem for the environment, but also for man, who ingests up to 2000 fragments a week due to the microplastic particles present in the water around the world*. A problem to which Filette responds with a radical and 100% sustainable solution. Purity is a value that the brand wants to preserve. This is why Acqua Filette is a promoter of a plastic free movement for the protection of the Earth and its most precious resource: water. Solutions such as bottles produced with a part of recycled PET or in organic PET, do not solve the problem of pollution in nature, nor the release of micro-particles which are very harmful to those who ingest them.The company has thus decided to permanently abandon disposable plastic in favour of a material that is 100% plastic free and 100% infinitely recyclable, to completely preserve the organoleptic qualities of water.



The material that respects purity.

In its aluminium version, Acqua Filette is available in “Natural” and “Sparkling” flavours in bottles with a cool line and an eco-friendly design, they adapt perfectly to the habits of consumers, replacing disposable mineral waters. 75% of total aluminium production worldwide is still in use. Filette is the first mineral water to be offered in aluminium bottles.This allows you to drink superior quality water, while respecting the source but above all avoiding the use of plastic. A practical and functional product that can be re-closed and transported at your own convenience, guaranteeing the highest level of hygiene everywhere thanks to its screw cap. Furthermore, aluminium does not release substances that are harmful to health in the event of exposure of the bottle to sunlight.


Drink consciously.


Nitrates are chemical components, extremely toxic to our organism. Their concentration indicates the degree of pollution in the water. Matter of fact, a massive use of fertilizers, pharmaceutical derivates for plants and pesticides together with intensive live-stock breeding and industrial sites cause the penetration of nitrates and nitrogenous components in water sources. Nitrates can prevent blood from carrying oxygen to the cells producing dangerous effects on the body. Nitrates can also combine with proteins to form compounds known as nitrosamines which can cause cancer.


Drink consciously.


Arsenic is, as well, classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as an ascertained cancer-related element of group 1, connected directly with many cancer-associated pathologies. When in water, it is present in its most toxic form, the inorganic one. In drinkable waters of volcanic origin, arsenic level can reach an extremely high concentration. Furthermore, the industrialization process has witnessed an increasing presence of arsenic in the environment; gas and coal-fueled powerhouses, the combustion of urban wastes together with the use of pesticides and of pharmaceuticals in agriculture have all contributed between other factors to the spreading of this element in air, soil and water. The absence in Guarcino of industries, car jams, fertilized fields and live-stock makes Acqua Filette one of the purest water in the world.

Acqua Filette is one of the purest waters on the planet; arsenic is absent, the concentration of nitrates close to 0 (0.2 mg / l).


224 mg/l of tds,

a perfect equilibrium.

The amount of total dissolved solids (TDS) indicates the quantity of mineral nutrients present in water. Mineral waters with a TDS level between 50 and 500 mg/l are considered to have an intermediate concentration of minerals; National Order of Biologists has clarified that waters with TDS between 200 and 300 mg / l can be considered optimal, they are neither too poor nor too rich in their TDS level. Thanks to this natural equilibrium, they are best recommended for a daily use. Acqua Filette, containing 224 mg/l of TDS, has the best balanced amount of mineral nutrients.


Little cluster, Great properties

Water is not composed of single molecules but it is rather made up of clusters of molecules whose size can vary f rom water to water. The smaller the cluster, the lighter, more digestible and able to permeate human tissues and organs the water is, thus helping the body to eliminate toxins and restore minerals. Several studies conducted in Italy and in other countries, especially in Japan, a country always attentive to quality, have found that the molecules of Acqua Filette are assembled in very small clusters.


The Venus of the waters.

The first historical information on the existence of spring date back to 400 b.C. and indicate that it wasalready known by the Romans who dedicated it to Venus as a symbol of the bond between the goddess andthe vital element. Even today, on the fountain where the spring-like rivulets of the Acqua Filette are channeled, one sculpture testifies to this particular symbolism. They date back to 30 b.C. the first testimonies written, Dionysius of Halicarnassus in his letters mentions Filette as beneficial water for its failing health.The virtues of Filette are also praised in the Naturalis Historiae of Pliny the Elder (23 A.D.) and in the "De Re Rustica" by Lucius Junius Columella which shows testimonies of healing stops at the source of the Roman legions during the campaigns in the East: «East in Guarceno Campaniae fluens aquae montibus oriunda, healthy corporis very accommodated "(located in Guarcino di Campania a water that flows from the nearby mountains, very indicated for the well-being of the body).SBottled and distributed since 1894, since 1930 Acqua Filette is exported all over the world, earning prizes and awards during the 20th century e establishing itself as a healthy and healing water.


A global spirit.

Acqua Filette has a truly international appeal as witnessed by its presence in top of the line hotels, bars and restaurants in the four corners of the world. Purely Made in Italy, Acqua Filette is exported with the purpose of guaranteeing water of the highest quality and preserving the well-being of its consumers. Acqua Filette S.r.l. is certified as operating in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 quality system standard, an international guarantee of the reliability of the whole process of bottling and distribution.



Via delle Cartiere, 8
03016 Guarcino - Frosinone

Tel.: +39 07751888790

tabella comparativa

ACQUA FILETTE ITALIA 7,75 assente 0,2 2,9 224
ACQUA DI NEPI ITALIA 5,54 5,71 12 27,1 531
ACQUA EVA ITALIA 7,6 0,00024 2,3 0,32 48
ACQUA PANNA ITALIA 8 0,355 2,9 6,4 139
AMOROSA ITALIA 6,4 0,153 2 4,7 49,6
DOLOMIA ITALIA 8,1 ND 2 0,2 114
EGERIA ITALIA 6,17 8,91 36 45 625
ELSENHAM UK ND ND 0,3 22 400
EVIAN FRANCIA 7,2 ND 3,7 6,5 309
FERRARELLE ITALIA 6,1 6,81 5 50 1290
FIUGGI ITALIA 7,6 1,850 1 1,2 6,3 145
FONTE ESSENZIALE (BOARIO) ITALIA 7,5 0,056 <0.5 9 2400
GALVANINA ITALIA 7,12 0,162 ND 34,2 570
GAUDIANELLO ITALIA 5,9 0,619 3 130 1156
HILDON UK 7,3 ND 6 7,7 312
LAURETANA ITALIA 6,3 0,019 2,3 1 14
LEGGERA ITALIA 7 4,65 4 ND 396
LETE ITALIA 6,2 0,759 5,5 4,95 890
LEVISSIMA ITALIA 7,8 6,2 1,5 1,9 80
LURISIA ITALIA 6,6 0,985 2 2,6 35
MANIVA ITALIA 8 0,675 3,8 2,2 95
NATIA ITALIA 6,4 6,81 8 32 312
NORDA (SORGENTE DAGGIO) ITALIA 7,2 3,73 3,5 1,9 60
PLOSE ITALIA 6,6 0,259 1 1,2 22
ROCCHETTA ITALIA 7,56 0,198 1,1 4,13 174,1
SAN BENEDETTO ITALIA 7,46 0,468 9 6 264
SAN BERNARDO ITALIA 7 0,489 1,4 0,8 34,5
SAN FELICE ITALIA 7,5 ND 12 8,8 226
SAN PELLEGRINO ITALIA 7,5 1,38 2,9 31,2 854
SANGEMINI ITALIA 6,19 0,204 0,75 19,5 932
SANTA CROCE ITALIA 7,7 0,124 1,1 1,5 180
SANT'ANNA VINADIO ITALIA 7,4 5,22 0,76 1,2 43,2
SMERALDINA ITALIA 6,78 0,021 9,9 25 142,8
SURGIVA ITALIA 6,8 ND 4,9 1,9 41
SVEVA ITALIA 6,25 2,744 3 ND 1356
TAU GALLES 7,2 ND <0,1 21,4 208
TY NANT GALLES 6,8 ND <0,1 3,7 165
ULIVETO ITALIA 5,8 0,088 7,1 67 745
VALVERDE ITALIA 6,3 ND 4,2 3,5 38,8
VITASNELLA ITALIA 7,4 0,117 4,5 3,4 396
VOLVIC FRANCIA 7 0,004 6,3 11,6 130

- ARSENICO: è classificato dall’Agenzia Internazionale di Ricerca sul Cancro come elemento cancerogeno certo di classe 1; il DL 31/2001 e la Direttiva UE 2003 indicano quale limite di legge 10 µg/l.

- NITRATI: la presenza nell’acqua di nitrati è indice di inquinamento delle falde acquifere, causato da fertilizzanti e composti azotati in genere; i nitrati hanno la possibilità di combinarsi con le proteine formando nitrosamine, sostanze cancerogene; il DM del 29/12/2003 Acque Minerali stabilisce il limite di 10 mg/l di nitrati per i neonati; L’EPA (U.S.A.) e congiuntamente l’Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità consigliano il limite di 10 mg/l.

- RESIDUO FISSO: il residuo fisso indica i Sali minerali contenuti nelle acque; l’Ordine Nazionale dei Biologi ha chiarito che si possono considerare ottimali le acque oligominerali che hanno un residuo fisso compreso tra 200 e 300 mg/l , acque né troppo ricche né troppo povere di Sali minerali.

- SODIO: un valore inferiore a 20 mg/l è indicato per le diete povere di sodio e per combattere l’ipertensione e la ritenzione idrica.

- ND: non dichiarato, non disponibile.

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