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The Uniqueness of Filette
Welcome to the world of Acqua Filette, the mineral water that defined the difference between drinking and tasting. Filette is the oligomineral water that provides new sensations, enhancing the palate with a never-before experienced smoothness due to the perfect balance of mineral salts and the total absence of contaminants. Enjoy the absolute balance and vibrant harmony of a water that, bottled since 1894, enriches the tables of the most prestigious hotels, restaurants, and wine bars both nationally and internationally.
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Where to taste Filette
Find out where to savor the unique and unmistakable taste of the purest water.
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The environment
Purity is a key value for Acqua Filette, and it deserves to be preserved in everything we do. This is why we decided to embark on a true plastic-free movement to protect the Earth and its most precious resource: water. Choosing bottles made exclusively of glass or aluminum, single-use plastic was abandoned in favor of 100% plastic-free and 100% infinitely recyclable materials, which fully maintain the organoleptic qualities of water.
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